Laying Grid Ceilings

Laying grid ceilings are an excellent system to use in offices and in all open areas that require a suspended ceiling. The removable tile allows you access above and are easily replaced to maintain quality


Metal Pan Ceilings

Metal Pan Ceilings are perfect for all types of kitchen and industrial areas. The easily removable tiled finish is made of metal to last the years and and give a strong stable structure. This particular ceiling also gives the advantage of being easily cleaned.


MF Ceilings

MF ceilings are perfect if you require the ceiling to be plastered and painted. The MF system also can be designed to give you all different designs to your taste.


Stud Partitions

Stud partition is a great system to provide new wall structures for new rooms or to divide an existing room(s). The metal frame stud work gives a solid wall and when finished can be plastered if required to be painted. Overall it’s a quick strong and sound proof way of providing a new wall.